"Before the pandemic, my business was booming and I was working late into the night, getting almost no sleep, and racing from one place to another in New York City and around the world. It was stressing me out trying to get in one meditation a day, not to mention I was also beating myself up for not jogging enough... Today, my business is still booming but I rarely miss doing both morning and evening meditations... Now, I’m grateful for the second meditation because it signals to me that the day is coming to a close and it’s OK to take some time for myself. Any work that overflows gets put into perspective. I sometimes even push it off for the next day and spend the evening reaching out to friends or my children instead. But the best part is that I have a great sense of inner peace. Though I live alone, I haven’t felt alone. There’s just a sense of quiet happiness and strength."

Bonnie HarkenNew York