"Three years ago, I began meditating with my Santa Monica group once a week on Sundays, and things started becoming...more clear as the calm bliss I felt in meditation spilled over into my walks along the bluffs In Santa Monica.

"...Once the pandemic hit and I started Zooming with you every morning, and three early evenings... each meditation has become pure joy. I enthusiastically look forward to your entire process... I find that I float through my day finding joy in the smallest things... I notice plants, trees, butterflies, the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and all the wonders of the wildlife which I am privileged to live near.

"I literally feel the support of nature, while I am more in touch with the small and larger Self, I have come to know. My intuition is a strong guide, I have learned to trust. The synchronicity of all that I am learning, sharing and delighting in, can only be created by this amazing gift of T.M."

Lani SarachildRedondo Beach, California