"A doctor would most likely diagnose me with ADHD or a touch of OCD but I believe I am just Type A personailty. My brain is wired to not waste a second of a day without getting things done. When I cook, I am cleaning up the mess at the same time. When I am brushing my teeth, I’m also wiping down the wash basin...Finding TM at this point in my life (kids are grown but not quite out of the house) has been a true blessing! I am calm. I am patient. I am extremely grateful and I am healthy. I feel less a need to fill in every minute of a day with tasks and am learning to quiet my mind of the “gotta, gotta gotta’s.” Sitting quietly with this group centers me. I look forward to hearing all of Bob’s research, poems and words of the day. I especially love his BYE at the end. It makes me smile every time!"

Shelly HermannShort Hills, New Jersey, U.S.A.