Welcome to our Meditators Community. People practice meditation all over the world – in big cities, in small towns, by mountains and next to oceans, sometimes by themselves and sometimes with others. People just like you and me close their eyes to experience transcendental awareness.

“Our Community” photo gallery is a collection of photos of where people mediate. Just click on each photo to learn a little more about the person and value they receive from their practice. We invite you to explore the wonderful variety and hope it helps you feel more connected to our family of meditators.

Where do you meditate? In your living room? In a cave atop a mountain? On the train? At the beach? On a park bench?

Want to be part of the Community Gallery? Just send us a photo of where you meditate, a photo of yourself, and short write-up on the value you receive from mediating to bookproject@davidlynchfoundation.org – please include your name, email address, the city you live in.