Welcome into the Genius Lounge, a special audio series with Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation and long-time TM teacher.

Why do we call it Genius Lounge? Researchers have identified key networks of the brain where the creative process occurs. Neuroscientists call one such area the “default mode network.” They also call it the “imagination network” and the “genius lounge.” Innovation gets its start here—and the practice of Transcendental Meditation® helps to accelerate the process by activating the brain’s default mode network, and removing restrictive stress. In each Genius Lounge episode, Bob shares a few minutes of wisdom and inspiration—that connects us back to our own inner genius and the genius that surrounds us in nature.

We invite you to listen to Bob’s talks below.


Charles Darwin and Working Long Hours

Prebiotics and Probiotics: Part 1

Prebiotics and Probiotics: Part 2

How to Recharge Our Frontal Lobes

Sensitive Strivers


The Basics of the Brain

The Eight Types of Love

Spirituality as a Part of Healing



Circadian Rhythm



A Letter from Amy

The Microbiome Part 1

The Microbiome, Part 2



The Primary Function of The Brain

Uncertain Times



Dealing With Uncertainty

The Difference Between Sleep and TM

Patience Part 1

Patience Part 2

The Sense of Touch Part 1

The Sense of Touch Part 2: Emotional Touch System

The Sense of Smell

The Sense of Sight


The Art of Being Happy

The Best Times to Learn and Be Creative